About Artist


I am a watercolor artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, born in 1971.

A great, green, tiny country where the rain is pouring frequently, where I paint watercolor. I fell in love with the watercolor before the Art Academy, when I was learning at a painter‘s Vytautas Peciukonis studio. I started spending my time in the nature, away from all the city clamor and labor.
In 2002 I started both my own exhibitions and participating in international biennials. In 2009 my watercolor school was founded, where I am teaching people of all ages to paint in various watercolor techniques.

In recent years, I represent Lithuania at many watercolor exhibitions in the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Peru, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Russia. I was one of finalists of the World Watercolor Competition, organized by The Art of Watercolour magazine in 2014.

I am often called as Water master. Water was always an interesting theme. Spectating the purity, vitality, rhythm of the waves, dance of the lights became a huge series of watercolor, which comes to life till this day and has no conclusion.

Painting watercolor is like conducting an orchestra of the sea. Water mixes cold sky reflections and warm body of the earth. Water moves by the rhythm of wind, catching light, reflects it from the wave ridges to the bottom of sea. Sun light runs at the bottom as if a golden snake subsequently disappears in the depths. It is live and nourishing substance rich in colors and emotions.

“Infinity is in front of your eyes”, – my teacher used to say before I would start painting. There is no point to rush, try or show off in front of the infinity. It gives you peace of mind and helps you to work long and patiently.